Protect Election Integrity with Strategic Nonviolence

Speak Up Now (SUN) Campaign: Calling all Oregonians!As we approach the elections in a year full of unprecedented, painful, overwhelming, and beautiful disruptions, many are feeling growing anxiety about what may happen during and following the elections.  Grassroots collectives around the country and here in Oregon are calling on us to prepare and act to ….  Read More

OFOR Nonviolent Film Series

OFOR welcomes you to join us every first Monday of the month at 7 p.m. PST for a film screening and discussion. What better way to empower yourself during our Covid-19 sequestration than to see how successful nonviolent resistance campaigns have changed the political landscape, overthrown despots, and sparked movements for justice and freedom all ….  Read More

Sacred Circles

OFOR is partnering with IMIrJ (Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice) in creating a sacred circle led by two of our OFOR Board members, Xeo Sterling and Michael Colvin. Now through the election, our meetings will be a bridge between the sacred encounters we’re building with directly impacted communities and strategic sacred action that embodies a ….  Read More