Come and join us for fellowship, fun, and co-creation!

The focus of the retreat will be on OFOR strategic planning structured in interactive and collaborative activities. This will include honoring our roots and discussing, envisioning, and strategizing how we carry out OFOR’s mission together over the next five years.

We will also have some time for hiking, singing, and an evening soul box activity. Please bring copies of pictures you may have of OFOR events over the years to contribute to an interactive timeline of OFOR.

  • Location: Sublimity, Oregon at this rental house near Silver Creek Falls.
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    Dates/Times (Full Schedule here)
    • Friday 25th
      • 4-6pm – Arrival
      • 6-9pm – Dinner and Evening Program 
    • Saturday 26th
      • 9-5pm – Program
      • 6-9pm – Program
  • Sunday 27th 
    • 9-11am – Optional walk at Silver State Falls
    • 4pm – Tom Rawson Concert
  • Things to bring:
    • Changes of clothes, bathroom pack, towel for bathing, extra blanket/pillow (just in case/for comfort).
    • Pictures from OFOR events over the years and of your work in peace and justice.
    • Musical instruments, songbooks or song sheets, games, and art supplies are encouraged
    • Sense of humor, life experiences, active listening skills
  • Program Goals:
    • Fun
    • Deepen relationships
    • Advance work on change process:
    • Coming to a mutual understanding of what our mission is/should be (and what that means/looks like)
    • Designing the strategic plan around how to achieve our mission together
    • Call with NC members? TBA
  • Plan to go deep with activities rather than pack too many in