Protect Election Integrity with Strategic Nonviolence

Speak Up Now (SUN) Campaign: Calling all Oregonians!As we approach the elections in a year full of unprecedented, painful, overwhelming, and beautiful disruptions, many are feeling growing anxiety about what may happen during and following the elections.  Grassroots collectives around the country and here in Oregon are calling on us to prepare and act to protect the integrity of our elections. At the national level, Choose Democracy is offering trainings and tools to prevent a coup or other form of elections related power grab. Here in Oregon the Speak Up Now (SUN)campaign has created a strategic nonviolence framework for action and  is building coalitions and calling all Oregon residents to participate with any time they have.  The OFOR board recently had an inspiring meeting with SUN founder Alejandra Moreno. We are excited to invite all OFOR members and friends into action with the SUN campaign.

 The Speak Up Now campaign is calling Oregon residents to action. We currently have three (3) calls to action, and will be calling for more in the next days/weeks. If you'd like to stay up to date with our work, sign up to receive our emails at Join SUN.


(1) DEMAND PUBLIC COMMITMENTS: We need commitments from the media, elected officials and armed agents, that they will uphold their civic duty. To ensure this and help in this effort, you can do one or more of the following:



  1. EMAIL - email template
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA - use the video and images and tag #2020PublicCommitments


(2) #STOPAT1103: This one-minute symbolic strike is meant to start building momentum ahead of the mass actions and mobilizations that we'll most likely need in the next few months. Short, symbolic stoppages or slowdowns were incredibly effective in Denmark during Nazi occupation, South Africa during apartheid, and Chile under Pinochet. PROMOTION IMAGES (more coming soon)

(3) BOYCOTT/BUYCOTT this holiday season - George Lakey in a recent podcast reminded us we're gifted with the holiday season coming up right in the midst of the time between the elections and the inauguration. This means we can speak with our dollars. The SUN campaign is calling on the masses to reject large retailers/corporations in order to 1) refuse cooperation with these entities that do not feel beholden to us, and 2) support local business and contribute to the growth and development of our community.We're working on creating materials to help promote this action. Through Join SUN, you'll be able to stay informed of any updates to our call to action.We appreciate any participation on this front and the amplifying of our message. We welcome any questions at