Oregon Fellowship of Reconciliation

Creating a culture of peace for the people of Oregon

Oregon FOR supports repeal of the Oregon Death Penalty...

As the FOR strives to achieve a just and peaceful world community, with full dignity and freedom for every human being, OFOR supports marriage for gay and lesbian couples.  Marriage is a basic human freedom that should not be denied to anyone.

Moving Forward to End Capital Punishment

This is a momentous time in the movement to end capital punishment. Here in North Carolina, earlier this week Henry McCollom was released from prison after suffering 31 years on death row for a crime he did not commit. Citing his case and that of Leon Brown, who also was imprisoned for three decades, The New York Times editorial board wrote in its lead editorial, “the death penalty is irretrievably flawed as well as immoral." Yet many states continue to press relentlessly to execute individuals on death row. In Missouri, Earl Ringo is scheduled to be put to death next Wednesday, Sept. 10.

David Rovics in Corvallis

Saturday, September 13th, 6 to 8 PM Sunnyside Up Cafe, 116 NW 3rd St. Corvallis Suggested donation: $5 - $15 or whatever you can give All proceeds will go to Middle East Children's Alliance - Gaza Emergency Fund.

Singer/songwriter, David Rovics, lives in Portland and tours regularly on four continents, playing powerful music for political and social change. His music has been featured on Democracy Now! BBC, Al-Jazeera, among others and his essays are published regularly in CounterPunch and elsewhere. Visit www.davidrovics.com.


On August 27th, our US senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and his friend, Cory Booker (D-NJ) were in Portland to attend/host a $500.00 a plate fundraising dinner and to take in a film about Senator Booker's "progressive" activities in New Jersey.

OFOR Palestinian Coalition Update - "Bursting Bubbles"

Burst SodaStream's Bubbles! OFOR joins Portland Palestinian Solidarity Coalition in ongoing BDS effort!

Please join us on the last Saturday for our monthly protest/education event. We'll meet outside of Target Galleria, 939 SW Morrison Street, at 12:50 pm for a 1:00-2:30 pm event, with a short debrief afterward. Look for the colorful SodaStream placards. All you need to do is to show up. We'll provide the bubble making devices, placards, and other gear.

FOR National Council Statement on Gaza

In light of the continuing crisis in Gaza and violence in Palestine and Israel, members of FOR’s National Council adopted the following brief statement:

Violence is a blunt, destructive instrument.  It causes harm to those who use it as well as those it is used upon.  There is great need for safety, justice, and mercy in Palestine and Israel.  The National Council of the Fellowship of Reconciliation deplores the indiscriminate use of violence in Israel and Palestine.  We strongly urge all parties to return to the ceasefire, and focus attention to resolving the needs of the people regardless of religion or race or national identity.